West Ham win Europa Conference League

Last nights game against Fiorentina and West Ham had a lot of interesting turns and ended in a huge celebration for West Ham.

During the first half of the game neither teams scored, however there was some issues with West Ham supporters throwing items (coins, lighters, etc.) on the pitch at Fiorentina team members and managing to hit captain Cristiano Biraghi who was left bleeding from the back of his head, when he was trying to take a corner kick. After being bandaged up he was fortunately ok to carry on playing. West Ham have urged their supporters to act better and have a better sportsman ship towards others, police investigations are on going. Apart from this there were multiple fights breakout before and after the game between the two sides supporters, with multiple arrests and multiple injured, even some ending up hospitalized.

During the second half at 62 minutes Said Benrahma scored the first goal of the game and the first for West Ham, during a penalty kick out. Then following closely Giacomo Bonaventura scored for Fiorentina at the 67th minute. Both teams were pushing to obtain their next goal and win the League. At the last second, in the 90th minute Jarod Bowen scored West Hams second goal and winning West Ham the League.

So West Ham are now the Europa Conference League Champions of 2022-2023 and will be sent to the Premier League. West Ham Spent the evening celebrating and dancing in the street when greeted by the West Ham supporters, they took time to sign items and talk to the supporters some of whom traveled more than 600 miles.

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