PGMOL Reveals VAR Audio of Controversial Decision to Disallow Luis Diaz’s Goal Against Tottenham in Liverpool Match

PGMOL has attributed the disallowed goal of Luis Diaz for Liverpool against Tottenham to a “significant human error.” The VAR team mistakenly believed that the on-field decision was to award the goal, prompting Liverpool to formally request the audio recordings of the officials’ conversations for review. The audio has since been supplied to Liverpool, though its public release remains uncertain.

Following Tottenham’s 2-1 victory, PGMOL acknowledged the “clear and obvious factual error” and expressed that VAR intervention should have resulted in the goal being awarded.

The controversial decision occurred when VAR official Darren England mistakenly believed that Diaz’s goal had initially been allowed and informed on-field referee Simon Hooper that his review was complete. Both England and his assistant VAR, Dan Cook, have been removed from matchday duties for the current week.

Liverpool released a statement on Sunday night, asserting that the correct application of the laws of the game had not taken place, undermining sporting integrity. The club emphasized its dissatisfaction with the lack of time afforded to make the correct decision and the absence of subsequent intervention. Liverpool also indicated its intention to explore various available options for escalation and resolution.

It is believed that the VAR team recognized their error within ten seconds of the game’s restart with a Tottenham free-kick. However, as the game had resumed, they felt unable to intervene, citing the IFAB rules on VAR. These rules stipulate that play cannot be brought back unless it involves a case of mistaken identity or a potential sending-off offense related to violent conduct, spitting, biting, or extremely offensive and abusive actions.

Critics have widely condemned the decision not to intervene and stop the game, with some, like Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher, expressing skepticism about the adherence to protocol and suggesting that the officials panicked and froze instead of addressing the mistake promptly.

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