Lewis Hamilton Plans To Stay Around For A While!

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell secured their positions as Mercedes drivers until the culmination of the 2025 season, coinciding with the final year under the current Formula 1 technical regulations. From September 15th to 17th, fans can catch all the action of the Singapore Grand Prix live on Sky Sports F1.

Hamilton, fresh off a sixth-place finish at the Italian Grand Prix, put an end to the swirling rumors about his future by officially confirming his continued partnership with Mercedes alongside George Russell for the 2024 and 2025 seasons. As Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, looks ahead to competing at the age of 40 in 2025, it’s noteworthy that both Mercedes drivers remain uncommitted for 2026, the year when Formula 1’s new technical regulations will come into play.

When questioned by Sky Sports F1 about his aspirations, Hamilton expressed his intention to fully focus on the upcoming two years with the objective of securing a world championship title. He articulated, “The goal within those two years is 100 percent to be fighting and winning a world championship. We are currently second in the constructors’ championship, and our aim is to dethrone the leaders. I have complete faith that we can achieve that.”

Regarding the long-term perspective, Hamilton shared his thoughts about his next contract, contemplating its duration and terms. He emphasized his commitment to staying in the sport for an extended period, although he acknowledged the unpredictability of life, stating, “But it could change. I could come back next year and be like ‘damn it.’ Who knows? You never know where you are going to be in life. But right now, I’m very focused on staying positive every day. I know that’s not easy for anyone.”

He also discussed the importance of maintaining physical and mental well-being and achieving a balance between work, family life, and personal enjoyment. Hamilton concluded by stating that he currently feels content with his work-life balance, which allows him to genuinely cherish his profession.

Furthermore, during the Monza Grand Prix weekend, Hamilton made noteworthy remarks to Sky Italy, asserting that Max Verstappen has had weaker teammates throughout his career. He also expressed that Verstappen’s dominance is not more impressive than when drivers like Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen, and Fernando Alonso were reigning supreme.

Nico Rosberg, one of the three world champion teammates Hamilton has faced during his career, acknowledged Hamilton’s perspective, stating, “It’s a bit strange Lewis does talk about that ‘my teammates were so much better.’ Where did that come from? But I do think he has a point. He had three world champions as teammates, and that says a lot, doesn’t it?” Rosberg continued by highlighting Max Verstappen’s remarkable driving skills and predicting his rapid ascent into the ranks of Formula 1 legends.

Martin Brundle also weighed in on the conversation, appreciating Hamilton’s forthrightness but suggesting a more diplomatic approach. Brundle believed that while Hamilton could have been more generous in acknowledging Max Verstappen’s achievements, Verstappen’s current form in the sport is indeed extraordinary and deserving of recognition.