Frank Lampard the new Interim Manager at Chelsea

Frank Lampard is the new Interim Manager of Chelsea.

As of Wednesday 5th April Frank Lampard is back at Chelsea, following the firing of Graham Potter on Sunday 2nd April, after Chelsea’s goalless draw against Liverpool on Sunday, Graham was later let go that evening, due to the lack of wins and bad moral.

Lampard was the previous manager of Chelsea back in 2019 and was let go in 2021, after spending alot of club money, while Chelsea was in 9th place. The club was left with a new record 44 wins out of 84 games.

After Lampard left he was replaced by Thomas Tuchel, who went on to bring the club to 4th place that season later on going on to win the Champions League. Who was then later replaced by Graham Potter.

His surprise return is likely to please all of the Chelsea fans who have been unimpressed with the current lack of progress, game play and all over current team rankings and goals.

Now time will tell if Chelsea improve with the new manger, How long will Frank Lampard stay ? Who will end up being the future permanent Manager ?

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